The Cottage at Kurrajong - Mobile

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Welcome to the mobile Cottage at Kurrajong Webpage.

Please be aware that this is a basic version of The Cottage at Kurrajong website and not all functionality is available.

If you are using a computer and have been redirected to the mobile website by mistake please select "Standard Version" at the bottom of this page. Tablet users can navigate the mobile or standard versions of the website with ease.


How to Navigate the Mobile Webpage:

- Use the main menu above to select a topic you would like more information about.

- Secondary menus will replace the main menu depending on the topic you have selected. Select any of these for more specific information.

- To return to the main menu select the "HOME" button which will appear on the top right hand corner of the screen.

- You can zoom in on images by selecting it.

- You can go back and forth between images in slide shows by swiping left or right.

- If you would like see larger versions of the slide show images simply view the website horizontally on your mobile device by tilting your device on its side. Images will resize for landscape view automatically.